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Magdalena Korol

Magdalena Korol

Advocate, Entrepreneur

I’m an advocate and a partner at Snażyk Korol Mordaka sp.k. I specialise in services for the creative industry and fashion law. I’m a keen traveller and I combine my travel with my passion, kitesurfing — read more…

Arkadiusz Szczudło

Arkadiusz Szczudło

Lawyer, Entrepreneur

I’m a lawyer at Snażyk Korol Mordaka sp.k. I help entrepreneurs and freelancers from the creative sector; particularly, the fashion and new tech industries. I successfully run blogs and numerous side projects for them – read more…

What we do

We create content

We run a blog. More than one. We create educational content in written form, and as recorded videos and podcasts.   

We educate

We conduct numerous pro bono activities. We train and educate the fashion industry in many ways, e.g. as organisers or partners of events, and as creators of online or classic content.

We solve real legal and business problems

We meet numerous customers on a daily basis and we get to know their business from the inside. We’re familiar with the problems of the industry, not only from the ‘newspapers’ but also directly from the people involved.  

We provide ongoing legal services

As lawyers, we’re trained to provide legal support. As enthusiasts of the industry, we help clothing entrepreneurs find solutions to the problems they face on a daily basis.

We build relationships between law and business in the world of fashion.

In our daily work with representatives of the creative sector, the fashion industry in particular, we’ve noticed problems that have affected the industry for a long time. When we tried to diagnose them, we found that they stem primarily from a lack of organisation and universal access to legal and business expertise. Therefore, we decided to create this blog and the Institute of Fashion Law (Instytut Prawa Mody) — this is where we share our knowledge and experience, educate and exchange views, and create and develop a professional, expert platform for domestic and foreign cooperation.

We cooperate with all participants in the industry — from young designers, through start-ups, to clothing entrepreneurs.

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Snażyk Korol Mordaka sp.k.
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03-940 Warsaw
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